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Creating communities: How campus dorm life forges meaningful friendships

Convenience isn’t the only benefit of campus accommodation. Tam Tran looks at how supportive communities can flourish and become meaningful for students living in the dorms.

Central Equity’s free “Open House” invites you to experience city living

Get a window into true city living when Central Equity opens its spacious new Southbank apartments for inspection to the public this weekend.

4 unique cafés you can find in Melbourne

Want to know where the most interesting cafés in Melbourne are? Trinity College Foundation Studies Students Bre Soegiarto, Grace Li, Hugo Cheong and Edison Yu have got you covered.

Int’l students at VAMFF 2017: A stitch in time, a place of mine

Four international student fashion designers will once again have their dazzling collections showcased in this year’s Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. Samantha Chew reports.

How to roadtrip like a rockstar with Singaporean indie band, Stopgap

Want to know how you can organise a roadtrip like an indie rock band? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Asmita Mohanty, Nurin Hamshi and Wilson Chen speak with Stopgap lead singer Adin Kindermann to see where he and his band visited while they were in Melbourne and ask what students can do to prepare for a rockstar roadtrip.

The reality of Melbourne, according to international students

INTERNATIONAL students are learn different things about Melbourne before arriving but what are some of the things that surprised them most once they got here? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Pattiya Buakaew and Adam Chou have more.

Local speciality dishes that you miss from home

WHETHER its inauthentic or too expensive to buy, international students all have that one dish they wish they could have in Melbourne. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Gary Li, Yu Xuan Hu and Ian Ngui ask students what they miss most.

Why travelling alone can be the best decision you ever make

WHY wait on someone to travel with you when you can just do it on your own? Wing Kuang spoke to two international students who made the decision to travel alone and the benefits they got from it.

Understanding introversion and how you can help

THERE are many misconceptions about introverts but introversion can happen to anyone. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Thao Ly and Thu Uyen define introversion and how others can assist the introverted.

Rain on window. | Photo: gsloan via Flickr.

Four ways you can outsmart Melbourne’s erratic weather

HOW can international students prepare for Melbourne’s ever-changing weather? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Jen Tsang, Vicky Chen and Denise Tam provide tips on how best to outsmart Melbourne’s weather.

The Whisktakers: How to cook up sweet success with three former int’l students

SWEETS and treats from Mauritius can be hard to come by in Melbourne, but The Whisktakers look to change that. Tam Tran caught up with the three-person team to talk about Mauritian pastries and how these former international students began their humble home business.

Halal and vegan restaurants in Melbourne that won’t turn away your friends

LOOKING for somewhere to eat but need to cater to friends with certain dietary requirements? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Fazlina Fariz, Gabriela Gotoda and Harris Loo review three student-friendly eateries for vegans and Muslims which everyone can enjoy!

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