SEXtember: Let’s talk about masturbation

THOUGH not often discussed, masturbation is as important a topic as any when it comes to sexual awareness. Hieu Chau speaks to a panel of experts from YEAH’s Red Aware campaign where they gave insight into the matter. 

While sex is certainly a discussion that’s often left behind closed doors, there are some doors that most people aren’t willing to open for everybody.

Masturbation itself is a very personal experience and as such it’s extremely embarrassing for many people to willingly discuss how often they masturbate or if they take any extra methods to masturbation.

Because of this, common misconceptions about the topic can arise with opinions being muddled the more you hear about it from the world around you.

Recently, I spoke to representatives from YEAH’s (Youth Empowerment  Against HIV/AIDS) Red Aware campaign, each of whom had something to say about the topic which involved untrue myths about masturbation, how masturbation has been depicted in the media and why masturbation itself is hard to talk about.

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