SEXtember: Dear parents, please talk to us about sex

THE findings of a survey conducted by Trinity College Foundation Studies students Sasha Siew and Marika Hall may encourage Asian parents to step up and make sex education part of their everyday conversations around the dinner table.


It could be anyone: Campaigning to end discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS

THE issue of discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS especially in the Asia Pacific region was raised at the recent International Aids Conference held in Melbourne. The topic left Marina Solomon with plenty to think about, including how it affects students from the region studying in Australia.


SEXtember: The Pill and why some students are saying no

THIS Sextember, Manuella Silveira talks to some female international students about contraception and finds out why some students are saying no to the Pill.


SEXtember: Safe sex on film

THE lack of safe sex on screen has led Marina Solomon to investigate just why films and television shows avoid depicting safe sexual practices.

Discussion panelists at YEAH's Peer Education Hub launch

SEXtember: YEAH launches AIDS Peer Education Hub

YOUTH led organisation YEAH launched the first open source Peer Education Hub on sexual health as part of this year’s AIDS Conference. Daniel Driscoll reports.


SEXtember: Using Tinder safely

IT’S the dating app that everyone seems to be on, though few want to admit they’re on. As much fun as it may be, it’s important to put your safety first. Marina Solomon offers some essential tips.


SEXtember: Here’s to a month dedicated to talking about erm, sex

SEX. It’s a topic we are not comfortable discussing in public. Or in private, for that matter. Find out why, and how you can take part in this discussion (discreetly!) this September.


SEXtember: Exploring friends with benefits

FRIENDS-with-benefits may sound like a tempting prospect but is a no-strings-attached relationship really possible? Estella Koh looks at both sides of this social phenomenon.


SEXtember: No sex in this house!

THE birds and the bees is a discussion that parents would like not to have with their children. We share this story of how sex was taught in a household that was opposed to it.


SEXtember: Blue is the Warmest Colour

HOW truthful is the depiction of sex on film? This SEXtember, we observe the controversy surrounding award-winning film, Blue Is The Warmest Colour and the discourse that it has inspired.


SEXtember: Let’s talk about masturbation

THOUGH not often discussed, masturbation is as important a topic as any when it comes to sexual awareness. Hieu Chau speaks to a panel of experts from YEAH’s Red Aware campaign where they gave insight into the matter.


No sex? No problem!

Saying “no thanks” to sex is more than a matter of choice for some – it’s also a way of life. For SEXtember Jordan Thompson looks into a condition wherein a person experiences no sexual attraction to either gender.


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