SEXtember: Here’s to a month dedicated to talking about erm, sex

SEX. It’s a topic we are not comfortable discussing in public. Or in private, for that matter. Find out why, and how you can take part in this discussion (discreetly!) this September.


SEXtember: Exploring friends with benefits

FRIENDS-with-benefits may sound like a tempting prospect but is a no-strings-attached relationship really possible? Estella Koh looks at both sides of this social phenomenon.


SEXtember: No sex in this house!

THE birds and the bees is a discussion that parents would like not to have with their children. We share this story of how sex was taught in a household that was opposed to it.


SEXtember: Blue is the Warmest Colour

HOW truthful is the depiction of sex on film? This SEXtember, we observe the controversy surrounding award-winning film, Blue Is The Warmest Colour and the discourse that it has inspired.


SEXtember: Let’s talk about masturbation

THOUGH not often discussed, masturbation is as important a topic as any when it comes to sexual awareness. Hieu Chau speaks to a panel of experts from YEAH’s Red Aware campaign where they gave insight into the matter.


No sex? No problem!

Saying “no thanks” to sex is more than a matter of choice for some – it’s also a way of life. For SEXtember Jordan Thompson looks into a condition wherein a person experiences no sexual attraction to either gender.


Samuel Muchoki: A voice for multicultural sexual health

IN our SEXtember profile, Carene Chong speaks to Kenyan-born safe sex advocate Samuel Muchoki about sexual health knowledge in the international student community.

Photo: Gareth Durrant

SEXtember: Of culture, sexuality and bubble tea

WHAT would it be like growing up a gay gweilo in Taiwan? For SEXtember Gareth Durrant talks ‘gaylos’ and ‘gaysians’ – and tells his story of learning Chinese through Mandopop, as well as coming out to your host family.


SEXtember: Sexual empowerment through media

SINCE the sexual revolution of the ’60s, sexuality in the media has continued to influence the lives of young women today. Samantha Toh takes a look at the trajectory of female sexual empowerment through the media we consume.

Sex Myths Busted

SEXtember: Busting sex stigmas

WITH one week to go for the month of SEXtember, Sean Foo busts five common sex stigmas doing the rounds in university campuses.


SEXtember: Dating apps Blendr and Grindr

IDEALLY, you’d like to know more about someone before you have sex with him or her. You now can – through various smartphone applications. Vivian Tan reviews the dating apps Blendr and Grindr.

Photo: Snapper Media

SEXtember: Contraceptives 101

WITH plenty of contraceptives out there, it’s easy to get confused. Here’s a crash course on the most common types to help you find one that suits the best. By Juliana Mare.


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