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SEXtember: How to have that awkward conversation about using condoms

CONDOM negotiation – yes you heard that right. It’s a skill that every sexually active young person should possess. In the last of our SEXtember series, we offer up some ideas on how you can respond in different scenarios where you’ll need to negotiate safe sex practices with your partner.


SEXtember: International students in the sex industry

THE sex industry is a little talked about source of part-time work for international students – both male and female. As part of SEXtember, Marina Solomon explores students’ attitudes towards sex work, and the challenges they face.


SEXtember: Unveiling the truth about sex in relationships

WE threw social taboos out the window and asked international students about their sex lives. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Natasha Hertanto and Joan Lim recorded their surprising answers.


SEXtember: Sexspearean literature

AS part of our ongoing SEXtember coverage, Trinity College Foundation Studies students, U-Jane Chan and Felicia Chan explore the sexual undertones of some of Shakespeare’s beloved works.


SEXtember: More boys say no to sex before marriage

BOYS may have more traditional and conservative attitudes towards sex than you think, according to a survey conducted by Trinity College Foundation Studies students Hagianti and Nadia Phie. They share their findings this SEXtember.


SEXtember: So you think you have HIV

WHT do you do if you’re worried you may have contracted HIV? Anthea Batsakis speaks to Dr Jade Bilardi at the Central Clinical School at Monash University who provides useful advice on how you can act quickly and appropriately.


SEXtember: Birds and the bees, according to children

WHAT did you understand about sex growing up? Children, when left to their own imaginations, could get it very wrong. Joyce Naomi shares her hilarious introduction to the birds and the bees and some of the consequences which were much less of a laughing matter.


SEXtember: Sex Education in schools differ across countries and cultures

FROM a lack of sex education in the school curriculum to students being bored by the topic – these were among the interesting findings Trinity College Foundation Studies students Gracia Sharlene and Yi Ling Goh discovered as they explored how sex education differ across countries and cultures.

SEXtember: LGBT-rights

SEXtember: Let’s Talk About LGBT Rights

TIME in Melbourne has offered former international student Joyce Naomi new perspectives when it comes to the topic of LGBT rights in a more conservative country like Singapore. She shares her thoughts with readers this SEXtember.


SEXtember: Dear parents, please talk to us about sex

THE findings of a survey conducted by Trinity College Foundation Studies students Sasha Siew and Marika Hall may encourage Asian parents to step up and make sex education part of their everyday conversations around the dinner table.


It could be anyone: Campaigning to end discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS

THE issue of discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS especially in the Asia Pacific region was raised at the recent International Aids Conference held in Melbourne. The topic left Marina Solomon with plenty to think about, including how it affects students from the region studying in Australia.


SEXtember: The Pill and why some students are saying no

THIS Sextember, Manuella Silveira talks to some female international students about contraception and finds out why some students are saying no to the Pill.


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