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Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen is an established writer in Melbourne who comes from an Asian background.

SEXtember: Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen talks about her first time and how it changed her perspective on sex

TO MOST people who originate from conservative Asian societies, it’s hard to just talk about sex without embarrassing anyone. Writer Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen spoke with Trinh Le about her own story of overcoming this fear and why it’s important to open up about it.


SEXtember: International students’ perspectives on long-distance relationships

DO long distance relationships work and how have international students managed their own? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Samuel Richard Mart and Helmi Santoso gather students’ perspectives.


SEXtember: Sex and sexuality according to films and TV in 2016

EACH year, film and television gets a little better at presenting fresh perspectives on sex. Natalie Ng compiles the very best films and shows in 2016 that continue to challenge how sex and sexuality should be perceived on screen.


SEXtember: International students’ perspectives on virginity

WHAT do international students think about virgins and virginity? Lunnie Gan chats to seven different students to get their thoughts on how culture, education and friends can set and change their perceptions on on those that have yet to have sex or have sworn off from it.


SEXtember 2016: It’s all a matter of perspective

SEXTEMBER is back and this year we’re aiming to broaden international students’ perspectives on sex, gender and identity. Find out how you can contribute your own stories and what you can expect from this year’s campaign!


The SEXtember Wrap-up: What you may have missed

MISSED out on some of the big stories of SEXtember? We’ve collected all the best stories for you right here! Thanks to everyone who contributed and read our pieces along the way!


SEXtember: Game developer Nina Freeman talks intimacy and relationships in her game Cibele

INDEPENDENT game maker Nina Freeman re-created her first sexual experience with a person she met over the internet for her new game Cibele. Deborah Goh caught up with the American game developer to talk about Cibele, sexual awakenings, relationships and more!


SEXtember: New uni programs and initiatives to better serve LGBTIQ students

RECOGNISING a need to protect LGBTIQ students from all forms of discrimination, new university programs and initatives have been put in place to ensure students thrive at university and beyond. Amber Ziye Wang has more.


SEXtember: Being a transgender international student

IT’S hard enough being a student studying abroad but how much harder would it be if you were transgender international student? Dea Putra spoke to one transgender male student about his journey and addresses the misconceptions surrounding transgender people.


SEXtember: How the modern music video has given voice and hope to LGBTIQ communities

VIDEO has not killed the radio star! Music videos are still relevant today as evidenced by the bold short films and stories that are now being told about LGBTIQ people and their issues. Natalie Ng examines the significance of the modern music video.


SEXtember: What coming out means in Eastern and Western cultures

DESPITE the efforts of Western countries to make queer issues more aware globally, there are still parts the world where conservative values make queer engagement difficult. Amber Wang spoke to two international students — from the United States and China — to get their perspectives on what being gay means for them.


SEXtember: International students and their relationship with dating apps

WITH dating apps such as Tinder and Grindr becoming increasingly prevalent amongst young people, we ask some international students about why enjoy using these apps and offer ways in which you can have a fun but safe experience with meeting people online. Diana Ponce writes.


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