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Four for fighting

Aun Ngo

Fri Apr 24 2009

Michael & Randy

WINNERS usually take all. But it was not quite the case at this year’s Talent Night, as duos Randy Ramos and Michael Fong, and A Detailed Travesty’s Chris Law and Devon Vong tied for first place, splitting the $250 prize money four ways.

Not that any of the four happy chaps minded.

Michael and Randy openly confessed that their preparations only began “five minutes” before the event.

The Mauritian duo had sung a winning oldie-but-goodie. It was a jazzed up rendition of Stand By Me that got the audience humming along to the song’s classic rift.

It was also Michael’s first “debut”, and certainly not his last, he assured Meld.

“But we’ll certainly try to be more well prepared,” Randy said with a laugh.

Devon said the prize money “helped a little” to convince him to participate.

But it was really a fun way to create a community for international students, he said.