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Why You Should Join Meld Community

First established in 2008, Meld Magazine is an independent, not-for-profit online media outlet with a diverse audience of readers. We seek to provide international students with a platform for their issues and voices to be heard and to ensure that their stories are well-represented within the Australian media landscape. We are just one part of Meld Community, an organisation that aims to support international students and is also responsible for the annual Melbourne International Student Conference.

Meld Magazine is more than a space to volunteer and gain genuine work experience.

It is a community of multicultural, fully-fledged creators passionate about giving back to the international student community in Australia, whilst furthering their creative skills.

By joining Meld, international and local students, and anyone who is on their journey to advance their career, becomes a professional within the industry. As a Meld creator, you are no longer a student but a journalist, an editor, a photographer, a designer, and more, the sky is the limit.

Please note that all roles with Meld Community/Meld Magazine are voluntary.

Current Leadership Opportunities:

Head of Graphic designer 

Social Media/ Community Manager 

Media Production Manager


Assistant Editor

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