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Scene At The Movies

Aun Ngo

Fri Apr 24 2009


MALAYSIAN indie band Scene At The Movies’ David Chew and brothers Dharen and Rohan Nayer knew they had everything to lose when they moved to Melbourne two years ago.

It was a brave step for any musician to take, let alone the twenty-somethings who had only begun to taste the sweet pleasures of fame back home.


The trio have just released their latest single, Fall, which they hope to take to radio audiences both here in Melbourne and Malaysia.

And if the success they enjoyed with their last EP Take A Chance was anything to go by, it certainly shows how youthful idealism has worked in favour of the trio.

Their breakout hit Sunsets+Sketches (from Take a Chance) topped the charts for three consecutive weeks on Malaysian radio station and their Melbourne gigs had produced consistent turnouts with a loyal international fan base.

The personable trio, who look to bands like Taking Back Sunday, Anberlin, Switchfoot, The Starting Line, Blink-182 and Relient K for inspiration, say their latest single is a reflection of their growing maturity as musicians and a symbolic step forward for them.

But success is something they do not take lightly.

“Big brother” of the three, 25-year-old Rohan said they’ve had their share of trials and setbacks as a new independent band.

Setting up in Melbourne’s music studios is a time-consuming and laborious affair, and studio hire is a pricey $100 for six hours.

It’s also a logistical nightmare when you don’t have a car and the music studio is an hour’s drive from the city, Rohan said.

And that’s not all. Despite enjoying brisk sales in independent Malaysian music stores, they are still trying to jump through the hoops to get their music onto the shelves at mainstream music stores.

Off-stage, there’s a side to the boys that few people get to see.

They divulge on the condition of anonymity that two of them had, at one point, shaved off their eyebrows and dyed their armpit hair a copper hue.

“I once made Dharen squeal like a little girl. The true story is I just hid behind a door and jumped out at him when he wasn’t looking,” David said with a mischievous sparkle in his eyes.

“And I know these guys videotaped me when I was showering, after a gig,” Rohan said, wincing.

Dharen mentions there is a video of it. Somewhere.

And while they lament their lack of groupies, the pretty boys aren’t all for the taking. Sorry, girls.

The Nayer brothers are attached, but David cheekily reveals he is single, and could be looking.

Email to purchase a copy of their album. The band is also available for gigs.

Listen to Scene At The Movies.