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Stats and the city – which character are you?

Aun Ngo

Tue Apr 28 2009


THE majority of Melbourne’s international students come from China, latest figures from the Melbourne City Council show.

The next largest population were students from India, followed by Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea and Thailand.

These figures were drawn from a sample of some 1700 students in a 2008 survey conducted by the Melbourne City Council.

The survey also showed that a record number of students from South Central Asia had chosen to study in Melbourne in the past year, with the biggest influx of students coming from India.

The universities of choice for international students were RMIT (36 per cent), Monash University (16 per cent), Melbourne University (10 per cent), La Trobe University (7 per cent), and William-Angliss TAFE (6 per cent).

Most students chose to study Business, Commerce and Finance, followed by Food, Hospitality and Personal Services; Engineering and Related Technologies, Information Technology, and Management.

The largest proportion of international students lived in Melbourne’s inner city, and the next most popular suburbs were Carlton, Clayton, Footscray and Bundoora.