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RMIT scraps application fee for international students

Steven Tannason

Mon Aug 29 2011

RMIT University

UNTIL 31 December, students who apply to study at RMIT University will not have to pay the $70 application fee.

RMIT executive international director Ailsa Lamont said the university “decided to waive the $70 application fee temporarily in recognition of the financial challenges facing many international students at the moment”.

She cited the strength of the Australian dollar and the slowing economic conditions in many parts of the world as leading to these financial challenges.

Other measures taken by RMIT to support international students coming to the university include more flexible arrangements for tuition fee deposits and the introduction of an education savings plan, which will help families to save for their children’s future education.

Cheryl Choo, an Indonesian who is planning to study media and communications at RMIT, said the offer was not the leading cause of her decision.

“We select universities based on what they offer rather than their costs.”

However, she said RMIT would have an advantage due to its lower fees.

Ms Lamont said the university would review later this year to decide whether to reinstate the offer.

The announcement comes as RMIT adjusts to decreased revenue due to falling international student numbers, prompting larger class sizes in some courses.

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