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ASEAN Student Games 2011: Singapore champs in ultimate frisbee

Meld Magazine

Tue Oct 04 2011

Ultimate Frisbee

IT had been raining for the last three days, but that didn’t stop the ultimate frisbee teams from turning up bright and early on a Sunday morning at Princes Park. Well, most of the teams.

With only three teams playing a round robin game, it was surprisingly relaxed and all were out for a good time. Nevertheless, organiser Peter Kok was happy with the turn out.

The three teams consisted of a mixture of Singaporeans, Malaysians and even Australians, even though the team names reflected ASEAN nations.

Ultimate frisbee has been a increasingly popular sport in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia as a social sport that is easy to pick up in a co-ed setting.

The round-robin match started with Singapore taking the lead with a score of 11 points against the Reds with 3 points and Malaysia with 1 point.

Malaysia was on a roll for the next two matches, defeating The Reds 11-4 and 11-5.

Singapore won again by 11-3 against the Reds but was defeated by Malaysia in the last match 7-5.

Singapore Majulah nevertheless managed to clench the championship title, with Malaysia as the first runner-up followed by the Malaysia Reds.

“I think everyone was just out to have fun,” Singapore player Eve Tan said.

Though Singapore’s team consisted largely of players from the Ultimate Club at Melbourne University, it wasn’t a serious affair, with teams still managing to have a good time bantering on the field. As is typical in ultimate frisbee, teams called their own fouls, and when they didn’t, the other teams decided to let it slide, all in the name of good fun.

The Most Valuable Player award went to Weng Hoe of the Malaysian team.

Regardless of the score, teams were happy to call it a day at four o’clock with a celebratory meal of Krispy Kremes and chips.