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ASEAN Student Games 2011: Reflecting on a successful tournament

Meld Magazine

Mon Oct 10 2011


Hours after it started, the 2011 ASEAN Student Games came to an end.

The games saw Malaysia emerge as top nation in this competition, snatching victories in badminton, basketball, netball, and futsal.

Showing brilliant dedication and love for futsal, there was even a team from Canberra. The boys drove nine hours simply to play their part in the games.

Malaysian student Azim Hamid cheered on his friend Zulhakim Murad, runner-up in the table-tennis competition, and spent the next day watching the lads go at each other in ultimate frisbee.

“I’m here to make new friends”, laughed Azim, a sentiment widely shared. Many commented on the ASEAN games being a platform to building new relationships with others who share a love for sport.

With major sponsor Air Asia offer tickets as prizes, participants kept the games competitive, while showing great sportsmanship and respect for players from other nations.

Marketing Director of the ASEAN Games Vincent Tjendra noted that both the participants and spectators were “happy and satisfied” with the events held, but said there was always room for improvement.

With the weekend activities scattered around Melbourne, “the usage of one venue that can house all the sporting events would be good”, Tjendra said.

Organisers are already talking about the 2012 games. We can only anticipate a much fiercer rivalry between the ASEAN nations next year.