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Meld’s cheap Christmas present ideas: DIY sparkly shoes

Jess Pang

Tue Nov 29 2011


IT’S the holiday season again, and our wallets are slowly starting to cry as we splurge to treat our families, friends, lovers, and lovers’ dogs to the best presents in town.

But if you’re a little low on funds, don’t stress. We’ve called in jeweller and DIY queen Hélène Duchamp to show you how to make a gorgeous pair of sparkly flats that will save you some serious cash.

No longer solely the footwear of choice for toddlers attending fairy parties, the glitter shoe is one of this season’s hottest fashion items. Just take a look at Steve Madden’s contribution to the sparkly shoe department:

Gorgeous right? All you need is spare $100 or so, and they could be yours.

But if you’re strapped for cash, as so many of us are in the lead up to Christmas, don’t despair! You can keep your feet suitably festive this holiday season and stay on budget with these DIY glitter flats for under $20.

What you’ll need:

  1. A pair of ballerina flats (we recycle an old pair here)
  2. Varnish glue
  3. Glitter dust in the colours of your choice
  4. A paint brush
  5. Sandpaper

1. Prepare the shoes by removing any bows or embellishments. Then polish the shoe surface with sandpaper.

2. Pour your chosen glitter dust colours into a plastic container and mix well with a paint brush. Push the glitters aside and add a squeeze of varnish glue.

3. Mix glue and glitters together until you get a paste that’s thick, but still runny enough to paint with. If it’s too thick, add some more glue. If it’s too runny, add more glitter.

4. Gently paint the glitter mixture onto the shoes. Don’t dab repeatedly in the same place. Instead, brush the glitter on with small strokes.

5. Let shoes dry completely. When dry, apply a second and third sparkling coat.

6. Allow shoes to dry for at least 24 hours before putting them on your happy feet.

7. Spread the love and make a pair for your friend too! Mix different glitter dust colours together to get a different shade for each friend.

Top DIY Tips:

  • Choose sandpaper with coarse macro grits for better polishing
  • If mixing glitter dusts, use dusts with the same sized sparkles to get the best and most even results
  • Mix your glitters together to get the desired shade before you add the glue
  • Rinse and dry your brush between coatings

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sparkly DIY adventure. Stay tuned for upcoming DIY jewellery projects and giveaways!