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ASEAN Games Australia 2012: Volleyball competition cancelled

Leon Saw

Fri Sep 21 2012


CANCELLED volleyball competition opens up discussion on who should be eligible to participate in ASEAN Games Australia. Share your views with us.

ASEAN Games Australia 2012: Volleyball Competition Cancelled

The ASEAN Games Australia 2012 volleyball competition has been cancelled.

The announcement was made at the Official Draw Ceremony this morning.

Organisers said they were forced to cancel because no teams had signed up.

But ASEAN Games project director Elaine Koay later told Meld the volleyball competition had been cancelled not because of a lack of interest in the community.

“Actually, there are a lot of people from Indonesia who play volleyball, but they can’t join because they (are Australian citizens and) don’t have Indonesian citizenship anymore,” Miss Koay said.

According to the ASEAN Games Australia website, prospective participants need to have a current passport or identification card from an ASEAN nation, be currently residing in Australia, and be at least 13 years old.

“We wanted this event to be for ASEAN country citizens to foster a strong ASEAN community in Australia,” Miss Koay added.

Should the eligibility criteria to compete in the ASEAN Games be expanded? Share your views with us below.