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Behind the seams: An insider’s guide to this season’s hottest looks

Jamie-maree Shipton

Fri Sep 14 2012

PrintClashingMSFW-courtesy MSWF Facebook page

NOT sure what you should be wearing this spring? Jamie-Maree Shipton talks to Melbourne Spring Fashion Week’s head dresser to go behind the seams on this season’s hottest trends. 

Trends are never an easy thing to follow, especially if they’re hot off the catwalk. Luckily, we’re in with an expert who, literally, had his hands all over this spring’s must-have trends, so we’ve got you covered.

Joseph Romano is a part-time stylist. He was the head dresser at last week’s Melbourne  Spring Fashion Week and says this season is all about taking a risk.

“There is so much going on this season, you just need to wear it-wear it all! ,” he enthuses,

“Those floral pants and leopard shirt paired together is going to do you wonders because it’s all about more is more, so roll with it and have fun.”

And even though Melburnians are known for their black on black, Joseph says it’s time to embrace colour.

“It’s been such a long gloomy winter, I think everyone is in the mood for a bit of vibrancy,” he adds.

“This  is, however, coming from a boy who will wear colour all year round.”

But before we launch into this season’s hottest looks, Joseph throws in a quick disclaimer:

“People should dress how they feel  or how they want to feel. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t dress how I wish,” he says.

“Everyone should feel confident enough in themselves to wear whatever the hell they like.”

So with your new-found confidence and that stylist pep-talk, here are the 2012 spring trends we can’t get enough of:

Print Clashing

“We knew it was coming,”  Joseph says. “After all, this look was in Gormans’ collection, where polka dots and geometric prints collide into a delightful frenzy.”

For the faint of heart who aren’t confident with going all out in spots, Joseph suggests a pair of printed socks. While for the fashion fearless, he recommends a printed bomber jacket in bright tones.

Neon Colours

“This is the trend I’m most afraid of as it can go horribly wrong,” Joseph says.

” I think one piece of neon in any outfit is sufficient, so try adding a key piece like a silk tank, pencil skirt, blazer or accessory. Then make sure you pair it back with neutral greys, whites or nudes”.

But he warns, “Please girls, no tight short neon dresses this summer!”

Look to YB J’amie who Joseph says captured the trend the best with great lace dresses at different lengths.


Joseph says while this trend has been around for a few seasons now, designers Alice McCall and Manning Cartell did it best at Spring Fashion Week.

“I’m obsessed with Manning’s sheer bomber!”Joseph says.

He recommends a sheer shirt as the obvious choice, but says he would love to see girls rocking a sheer dress or pants. Just remember, “Nude or black underwear please!”.


Florals at MSFW; White Suede far left (Courtesy Lucas Dawson), Kinoak (Courtesy Raw Blog), Alice McCall (Courtesy Lucas Dawson)

We thought we had seen the last of this trend, but it’s back. But while nearly every label had a take on floral, Joseph says most were a bit of a bore.

He singles out the floral bombers from Kinoak as his favourite take on this trend and says girls should experiment by clashing floral prints for a fresh look.


This is the biggest trend on the runway at the moment with most designers incorporating it somehow.

“A sporty blazer or boxy tee, loveee it,” says Joseph.