FTW: Paranormal Activity 4 movie passes and iPhone cases!

ARE you excited for the latest instalment of the horror franchise, Paranormal Activity? Diane Leow tells you how you can nab some tickets and iPhone cases for FREE!

Fans of the Paranormal Activity movies will be pleased to know the fourth instalment is hitting the cinemas on the 18th of this month!

The film follows the lives of Alice and her boyfriend Ben, as their days go from mundane to filled with strange events after a woman and a mysterious child move into their neighbourhood.

Filled with the same ghostly gore, flickering lights and straight up scare factor of its predecessors, Paranormal Activity promises to keep your fear of the supernatural alive.

We have three double passes and three Paranormal Activity iPhone 4/4S cases to give away. Get excited!

To be in the running, tell us why you love a good horror movie. Remember to provide your real name and email address so we can get in touch with you.

The competition closes on Friday, October 12 and is only open to those living, studying or working in Victoria. Winners will be picked in a random draw and announced via email on Saturday, October 13.

There are 15 comments

  1. Nubhan Rosli

    The Awesome feeling you get when someOne squeals for no apparent reason and in a thriller movie SOMEONE ALWAYS DIES and its Always the asian guy that dies first =D

  2. Tiffany

    I’ve always been a fan of horror, even if it means I’ll be sleeping with lights on for the next week or so. I love the thrill!

  3. Linda S

    You walk out of the cinema feeling ALIVE, … and lucky to be so considering all the pinches and punches you’ve received from those ‘freaked out friends’ sitting either side!

  4. Yoanita Marselia

    Horror movies are good for guessing who will die next and scaring the living daylights out of the people who are watching with you 😀

  5. Michelle Warwick

    Escapism…watching something from the safety of a movie theatre that is emotionally “thrilling” and yet physically harmless is a pure adrenalin rush.

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