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Get The Look For Less: Animal Instincts

Jamie-maree Shipton

Sat Oct 27 2012

gorilla t-shirts

APES, panthers and snakes – oh my! Jamie-Maree Shipton tells you how to show off your animal instinct on a budget. 

Fashion waits for no man and trends change faster than the tide at the beach. Translation – staying in style can wreak havoc on your wallet – until now. Our resident fashion guru is back with fabulous zoo-worthy pieces that won’t cost you the month’s rent.

I don’t know where you’ve been if you haven’t noticed the craze over animal t-shirts lately. Perhaps you’ve been living in a cave, cul-de-sack or burrow – it doesn’t matter. Now you have no excuse as we show you how to embrace your inner beast on the cheap.

Christopher Kane Gorilla T-shirt, $262.50. Same, but different Ebay Gorilla T-shirt, approx $30

Givenchy Rottweiler T-shirt, approx $307. Same, but different (or maybe not!) Ebay Rottweiler T-shirt, $26

Givenchy Panther T-shirt, approx $500. Same, but different, Black Panther Face T-shirt, $11.95

Lanvan Snake Print Dress, approx 3,000. Same, but different, Ebay Snake Print T-shirt, approx $35