NSW international students get public transport fare concessions…Is Victoria next?

THE New South Wales government has announced international students in their state will no longer have to pay full fare for public transport tickets. But here in Victoria, we still wait. 

It’s a great day for international students in New South Wales. No longer will they have to pay full price for their public transport tickets while their local peers enjoy concession fares.

It feels like it’s been a long time coming – especially considering international students have been paying (sometimes) more than double the university fees locals do; despite international students paying taxes eventhough they’re limited in the number of hours they’re legally permitted to work a week.

Now only one state in Australia continues to charge international students full fare when it comes to public transport – Victoria.

Here at Meld, we’re hopeful the changes in NSW will prompt a shift in policy in Victoria. Will Premier Ted Baillieu finally heed the pleas thousands of international students have been making on social media, through petitions and numerous other avenues?

Stay tuned to Meld Magazine as we try to get some answers from the big players for you.

In the meantime, keep putting your voices out there.

Do you think it’s high time Victoria gives international students transport concessions too? Tell us why in the comments section below.

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  1. Mark

    That’s great. However, international students are allowed to work 20 hours/week. Residents and Citizens who study full time are not allowed to take on any sort of empolyment. What student in NSW or Victoria can survive without at least a part time job? This means they are ineligible for travel concession, where is the fairness in that?

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