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MBFWA: Day 1

Jamie-maree Shipton

Tue Apr 09 2013


DAY one of the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Australia packed a big punch. Despite beginning with the big guns – Camilla and Marc’s 10 year anniversary show – it did not stop there. Jamie-Maree has the details. 

The veterans 

The much anticipated 10 year anniversary for Camilla and Marc was of course nothing but the show stopper it was hyped up to be pre Fashion Week. Camilla Freedman-Topper, one half of the amazing brother sister design duo, explains the concept behind the collection was ‘layers’ – an idea that was spawned from an image of a babushka doll.

And this idea was more than appropriate as post show you could well and truly envision the layers. Moreover you could see the symbolic journey, from past, present and future of the Camilla and Marc label.

I was also blown away by the stand-out jewellery collabs featured in this show. The girls were adorned with killer Estelle Deve necklaces and bracelets, and their ears dusted with spikes and ear pieces by Ryan Storer.

They duo definitely know how to celebrate an anniversary in style.

I also well and truly got my fashion fix in the following shows:

My Wunderkids

First off Christopher Esber had me before any looks even walked down the runway.

An industrial setting with a raw and grungy aesthetic started appearing on my Instagram feed and I knew, knowing Esber’s pension for clean lines, that it was going to be the perfect backdrop to his designs.

And of course, it was.

The draped and fluid but also structured and embellished separates that were showcased spoke volumes of Esber’s talent.

The final result being a show filled with feminine streamlined silhouettes that still embodied his clean and sleek aesthetics.

Then there was a collection I would happily wear every piece of.

The 90’s, minimal, wet hair wonders that were walked down the Bec & Bridge runway on natural and dewy skinned models with dark club like eyes – fitting for the rave influences of the 90’s also.

The bleek white backdrop alone was perfection, from clothing to theatrics the whole show was a beautiful celebration of minimalism-something I’m absolutely all about currently.

The liquid silks, fluid soft velvet, sheer details and low v-neck dress had me wondering whether anything later in this week could really top it.

Down the fashion rabbit hole

The Pastel fantasy of Romance was Born’s show last night at MBFWA, titled “Mushroom Magic” really did make you feel as though you had fallen down the rabbit hole.At the beginning of the show a shimmery sherbet landscape, that was built by Pip and Pop (AKA Tanya Schultz) using thousands of powdery sugar crystals was revealed.

Then came the clothes.

Ruffles, glitter and jelly fish frilled shoes were walked around the square runway, the outfits noticeably taking inspiration from the flower power eras of the 60’s and 70’s.

The brightly coloured mushroom wigs, glitter coloured makeup and pictures drawn on the models faces really did remind me that this design duo-Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales-really are unbound by trends or sales constraints. They simply make clothes that inspire, and bring fun and joy.