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Melbourne Monthly Sketch Group

Vivian Tan

Thu May 23 2013

Melbourne Monthly Sketch Group

BRING out your inner artist and get some tips from two of the city’s best at the Melbourne Monthly Sketch Group on this weekend. Vivian Tan has more. 

Last month more than 60 artists gathered for the first Melbourne Monthly Sketch Group hosted by The Creative Club. Artists were spread all around Guilfoyle’s Volcano, engrossed in their work. It was a laid-back session, they were not given any specific instructions except to simply draw what caught their eyes and let their imaginations run free.

The faces behind The Creative Club are Kristy Prause  and Darren Yeow. Both are talented artists, looking to share their passion with others.

“The Creative Club acts as an umbrella for all the future events we hope to bring to the creative community, such as sketch groups, life drawing classes and workshops,” Kristy says.

The goal of The Creative Club is to foster a community where people can share ideas and knowledge of art as a practical lifestyle.

Kristy is a graphic designer with a knack for illustrating children’s animation, gift products and games. She can often be found at Melbourne pop-culture conventions selling her artwork.

“Many artists do not actually get the chance to be around each other and we aim to give them this opportunity by providing an environment for them to gather,” Darren says.

He explains that enjoying yourself and your art is the most effective way to learn and improve. Darren has a passion for concept art, does freelancing work and teaches game art students at RMIT University.

Tristan Poh, a former student of Darren’s, attended the first Melbourne Monthly Sketch Group and says he found it to be very refreshing.

“It was a fun day, it’s definitely something different. I’m looking forward to the next session,” he says.

Photo: Vivian Tan

Photo: Vivian Tan

The Creative Club aims to explore new areas every month to ensure artists are exposed to all styles of sketching.

“We’re focusing on plants and nature this week, maybe next… we’ll try architecture! We’ve got a whole list of places planned out already,” Kristy says happily.

Artists of all levels and age are welcome and it costs nothing to participate.

The next meeting this Sunday will focus on sketching dinosaur, insect and animal specimens at the Melbourne Museum, 11 Nicholson St Carlton. For more information, visit The Creative Club’s Facebook Page.