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What’s on the screen this May/June

Phoebe Yuen

Thu May 09 2013


Had enough of the intense revision and over-loading assignments? Phoebe Yuen looks at the latest movie blockbusters you can catch to give yourself a well-deserved break from study.

The Hunt (May 2)

This award-winning movie stars the winner of the Cannes Film Festival Best Actor, Mads Mikkelsen. In this film, Mikkelsen plays the role of a popular kindergarten teacher, Lucas, who has just recently divorced. But the worse is yet to come, as he is then accused by a young student of sexual harassment. The lie is accepted as true and soon turns Lucas’s life upside down. The film portrays Luca’s journey of strength through his fight for life and dignity.

Camille Rewinds (May 2)

Winner of the Directors Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival, the Camille Rewinds was also nominated for 13 “French Oscars” (César Awards) including Best Film, Director and Actress, proving this movie is a must watch. The film tells the story of Camille (Noémie Lvovsky) who is trying to divorce her husband of 25 years, whom she married not for love, but because of her unexpected pregnancy. The story goes on to tell how Camille tries to rewrite her past and finally realises the truth behind her actions. This funny, yet inspiring movie will be screening at Cinema Nova and begs the question whether it’s better to reflect on your past and have no regrets.

Evil Dead (May 9) 

Showing exclusively at Cinema Nova, and originating from Sam Raimi’s 1981 Evil Dead, this year’s Evil Dead retains the raw excitement of the original, but adds a series of shocking new twists. The story focuses on a group of five young adults in a remote cabin. After the discovery of a mysterious ancient book, the group is driven by curiosity into reading the book, which leads all of them to some terrifying consequences. This is definitely a cover your eyes and peek through your fingers kind of movie.

Spring Breakers (May 9)

Following the wild rebellious nature of four teenage girls (Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine) in the chaos that is spring break, this story promises some serious shock and awe. The girls, who want unlimited party funds, are led into a dangerous relationship with a Miami Beach “gangster” Alien (James Franco) who enlists them to commit several crimes.

Happiness never comes along (30 May)

As one of the official selections of the The Alliance Française French Film Festival, Happines Never Comes Alone centres around Sacha (Gad Elmaleh), a talented pianist who loves music and partying. His life is free of alarm clocks, commitment and kids – and all about living in the moment and for pleasure. At night, Sacha performs in a Jazz club where he regularly finds girls for his pleasure. He soon comes across Charlotte (Sophie Marceau), a mum of three kids, and who has two ex-husbands, a career to take care of, and she doesn’t have any time for love. These two completely different individuals soon fall in love, even though it may not make sense.

Man of Steel (June 14) 

After the disappointing “purported” sequel in 2006, The Dark Knight Trilogy producer Christopher Nolan and Director Zach Snyder will bring the long forgotten superhero back to the blockbuster on a screen bigger than ever. Clark Kent, Man of Steel, is back. Explore his childhood and share his path from being a man with extraordinary power to the man of steel, Superman. Discover the hidden struggles behind a never revealed identity of a man that has pledged his life to protect and maintain the peace of the world. See and experience the ultimate return of Superman in IMAX 3D.

WORLD WAR Z (June 20)

World War Z is the next big zombie thriller to emerge after the Resident Evil trilogies. This film is based on the post-apocalyptic horror novel by Max Brooks and unlike your ordinary zombie head-blowing off movies, this movie focuses on the story of an individual account after the years of a Zombie War. Brad Pitt stars as an agent from the United Nations, who left his family hoping to find that one last hope for the humanity to stop the zombie pandemic. This movie will lead you to a twist of love, fright and terror that you have never experienced before.  Prepare yourself for the “War On New Terror”.