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Five apps to complement Instagram

Jessica-Anne Lyons

Fri Jun 28 2013

Five apps to complement Instagram

JUST when you thought Instagram couldn’t get any more awesome, Jessica-Anne Lyons introduces five apps that would dramatically enhance your photo sharing experience.

Five apps to complement Instagram

Instagram already boasts an impressive array of tools for online photo-sharing and social networking. Recently, it even added online video-sharing capabilities. However, as awesome as Instagram currently is, it can still be complemented with a handful of photo editing apps out there.

Those apps have a range of cool effects and editing tools to add the finishing touches to your Instagram photo stream.

Photo Collage Free

Photo Collage (Free)

Photo Collage Free lets you easily create different types of collages including the type seen on Instagram. You can then share them on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

The best part: You can also edit the collages in many different ways.


Snapeee (Free)

Snapeee is like a Japanese Purikura photo booth, except it’s on your iPhone in the palm of your hand. It has more than 4000 decorations and a number of filters for you to decorate your photos with, and like Instagram, the app is a social media platform.

The best part: You can download decoration packs for free by spending Snapeee points, which you earn each time you upload a new photo.


Typic (Free)

With Typic you can add text to your photos. You can also customise the text’s colour, font, opacity and size to suit the photos.

The best part: The fonts that come with the app are varied enough that you won’t feel the need to buy more.


Whitagram (Free)

Whitagram resizes your photo, fits it in a square and fills the remaining space with whatever colour you choose.

The best part: You can turn the resized photo into a meme.


Vscocam (Free)

Vscocam used to cost $0.99 to download, and even then it was a dollar well spent. Now, it’s free! The app’s tools will allow you to make your photos brighter and clearer, as well as give them a vintage appearance, and the filters are a dream for those who are fans of film photography.

The best part: Vscocam makes editing your photos a breeze.