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Project O: Ignite your creative talents for a good cause

Tracy Pham

Fri Jul 26 2013

Project O

RMIT’S Indonesian student association PPIA is inviting students to showcase their talents at the annual Project O charity event, which champions the cause of education for disadvantaged children in Indonesia. Tracy Pham brings you the details.

Come September 1, RMIT University’s’s Indonesian Student Association PPIA RMIT will present Project O: Ignite at Harbor Kitchen, Docklands. It will be a night showcasing Melbourne’s best talent while championing the cause of education for disadvantaged children in Indonesia.

As part of the project, everyone – Indonesians and non-Indonesians alike – is invited to showcase their talent to support this great cause. You can choose to sing, dance, design, paint… the sky’s the limit!

Plus, your participation will go towards funding education projects for disadvantaged children in Indonesia.

Project O has successfully delivered outstanding events and charity projects for two consecutive years and this year’s event, Ignite, will be no exception.

Originally, Project O was known as “Kafe Art”, an event designed to showcase the talents of the Indonesian community in Victoria.

The project took a very different direction in 2011 after a decision to support charity projects while encouraging talent to flourish. It was renamed Project O, with the alphabet ‘O’ representing an endless line that reflects the spirit of the project.

The first Project O event in 2011 was themed “Reboot”, a reminder of its transition from “Kafe Art” to the future. It received positive responses from both local and international students in Victoria and raised $3,000 to support Care 4 Kids Indonesia and the Civismo Foundation.

Project O: Revive, where the event raised $6300 for the YCAB Foundation. Photo: Facebook

Project O: Revive, held in 2012, was a roaring success. It raised $6300 for the YCAB Foundation, which went towards funding education for children.

This year’s event is set to be another night to remember. The organisers of Project O: Ignite hope to fulfil their dreams of helping children with a proper education, especially children with special needs.

Want to participate in this fantastic event?

Project O is currently holding online auditions! This is what you need to do:

1. Record yourself performing your talent, or take a photo of your work in art and design.
2. If you have recorded a video, upload it on YouTube.
3. Tag your video with these words: Project O: Ignite 2013; Audition Video
4. Send the link of your video/photo to:

Online auditions close Sunday, July 28 – so get in quick! For more information, head to their website or Facebook page.