Meld Photowalk – Meet Shing!

In this mini-series, we introduce part of our team who recently went on a photowalk around the Melbourne CBD and its surrounds. Today, we feature Shing. She’s one of our photographers, and as you’ll see, she’s all-smiles most of the time. 

Meet Shing! Photo: Shaun Lee

An avid photographer and designer, Shing was one of the seven who went on the photo walk a couple of weeks ago.

She documented her journey through the city with a variety of shots, using both her smartphone and DSLR camera.



photo (2)

photo (3)

Shing played around with various angles and perspectives – and we think she took some pretty awesome shots.

Can you tell which photos were taken with her camera, and which were snapped with an iPhone? Tell us below!

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