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Why students from Monash love Huff Bagelry

Sean Foo

Tue Oct 15 2013

Huff Bagelry (Custom)

GOURMET bagels with fancy fillings for under $10! Sean Foo discovers deliciousness can come cheap at Huff Bagelry in Carnegie.

Huff Bagelry

Entrance to Huff Bagelry. Photos: Sean Foo

I’m not much of a morning person, but for the sake of enjoying a delectable brunch at Huff Bagelry, I forced myself to beat the fight against my very alluring bed.

Huff Bagelry is renowned for their delicious, but affordable bagels, so there’s no surprise the place is a big hit with Monash students.

When I stopped by, the place seemed busy as usual but luckily, my friends and I didn’t have much trouble finding a seat. The bakery is always pretty noisy and usually packed with children, so it probably isn’t a good choice if you are looking for a quiet eatery.

Despite chaos, the service staff  are very friendly and helpful.

Huff Bagelry

Inside Huff Bagelry

The bakery offers a wide array of choices. In fact, a common complaint among my friends is that they never know what to order! Just like at Subway, you get to pick from a range of bagel types including plain, sesame, wholemeal, garlic salt and rosemary, onion and poppy seed, chocolate chip and blueberry.

As for toppings, they’re mostly savoury and range from salmon to scrambled eggs and bacon, even meatloaf and tuna patties. All of their gourmet bagels cost $8 to $9 tops. If you want to keep it simple, you can choose to pair your bagel with peanut butter, jam, cream cheese or nutella for less than $5.

I ordered the autumn breakfast, which consisted of a plain bagel with ham, cheese, egg and a beetroot relish for $9. As usual, it didn’t disappoint. The beetroot complemented the ham and cheese very well and together everything delivered a big smile to my face.

Huff Bagelry

My photo doesn’t really do much justice to how delicious it actually is!

Huff Bagelry also makes other baked treats like scones, muffins and mini pizzas, and you can buy the unfilled bagels to take home with you. Unfortunately, coffee has never been their strength, so be forewarned, the brew here is very average. But, their delicious but affordable bagels definitely makes up for it.

Huff Bagelry

The very average coffee.

If you are in the mood for affordable but high quality bagels, then Huff Bagelry is definitely my recommendation for you.

Huff Bagelry is on 112 Koornang Rd, Carnegie and is open 6am to 4:30pm every day. 

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