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iOrganizer app: An Alternative to Paper and Pencil

Fedora Gracia

Tue Oct 29 2013


PLANNING your revision schedule or gearing up for a summer unit? Fedora Gracia reviews iOrganizer, a new productivity tool for stressed-out students to keep it together.


iOrganizer is a productivity app for – as the ‘i’ in its name suggests – iOS. This free and uncomplicated app stores ‘to-do’ lists, reminders, notebooks and timetables, making it perfect for students with hectic schedules.

The app’s digital notebook interface is a neat alternative to paper and pencil. iOrganizer also supports images and audio recordings, making it a true note-taking powerhouse.

While physical notes get messy over time, iOrganizer utilises a user-friendly storage system. You can create notebooks (or sub-folders) for text notes from different subjects, and customise each notebook with a unique cover image.

The ‘to-do’ section is just as simple to use. Instead of a normal checklist with blank boxes, you see a white tick next to each newly created task, which turns green once the task has been completed.

how the to-do list section looks like

The to-do list. Image: iOrganizer (App Store preview)

Have you ever forgotten the location of your lecture theatre? iOrganizer’s handy timetable feature solves that problem, letting you list all your subjects for each semester. You can add details such as building names and room numbers for lectures and tutorials – even the name of your tutor!

This multi-purpose app integrates with different platforms. If your iOS device’s battery is running low, simply sync iOrganizer with Dropbox to view your notes online.

Signing up is easy: enter your email address, pick a username and password, and you’re off to an organised year!

iOrganizer is available on the iTunes Store. It requires iOS 6.1 or later, and is compatible with iPad.