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Summer beauty reviews part 1: Skincare

Carene Chong

Tue Nov 26 2013


NEW season? New beauty routine? No stress. Our beauty doyenne Carene Chong reviews the best new beauty products for summer: starting with skincare. 

I recently got my hands on some local and international beauty treats. From eco-friendly makeup tools to luxurious bath items that are good-enough-to-eat, I’m putting them to the test to see if they’re worth a spot on your summer beauty must-have list.

This week, I’m reviewing a host of delicious products by Bomb Cosmetics. Bomb Cosmetics hails from the UK and specialises in handmade soaps and bath products.

I reckon they’ve got it in the bag with packaging.  The products come in colourful containers that look like tubs of ice-cream. To be honest, I was more tempted to put them in my mouth than on my skin, but I thankfully I managed to resist.

Bomb Cosmetics’ products all contain a variety of essential oils for extra fragrance as well as to restore tired skin and calm the mind.

Milk and Honey Body Polish, $22

First up on my review list was the Milk and Honey body polish with pure chamomile and clary sage essential oils. It has a creamy texture with grains to scrub off dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth as ever and ready for summer.

The smell was a pleasant flowery, rich aroma that lingered on the skin long after the shower.

Not a frequent user of body scrubs, I can feel that my skin is quite smooth afterwards. But, like other scrubs, this product is not too be used too often as it can irritate or bruise your skin.

Dirty Angels Face Wash, $22

The Dirty Angels face wash is a foamy wash with a herbal scent that comes from to the neroli and frankinscence oils infused in the product.

The clear gel-like face wash serves as a light cleanser and is great for everyday use.

Sunkissed Body Butter, $22

The Sunkissed body butter with shimmer has patchouli and mandarin essential oils that lends it a woody, earthy aroma.

While a great moisturising product, it’s not the sort of thing you slather on, unless you want to look like a member of the Cullen clan under the sunlight. The product contains big flecks of gold shimmer, so it will look good on a night out at the club or at the beach on a sunny day, but it’s definitely not ideal for everyday use.

Bomb Cosmetics sunkissed

Does this shimmery skin remind you of a certain bloodsucking character? Photo: Carene Chong

Rosy Cheeks Face Scrub, $23

The Rosy Cheeks face scrub, like the body polish, contains tiny grains to remove the layer of dead skin cells on the face and reveal silky smooth skin underneath.

The milky texture of the face scrub makes the grains seem unnoticeable but they’re definitely there. Use a small amount to start with and scrub in a circular motion slowly and gently.

I made the mistake of putting on too much too fast and it left a burning sensation on my face. Fortunately, no damage has been done.

The verdict

All in all, Bomb Cosmetics’ bath products were pleasant to use and they certainly left my face and skin smooth and squeaky clean. A downside that I can see, or really, smell, is the overwhelming scent of the products. While I don’t mind the fragrance and rather enjoy them, I can see some people turning away from the products because of  their overly fragrant properties.

As far as pricing goes, the products are not exactly budget friendly. But the tub sizes are quite big, will last you ages and are definitely worth the money spent.

All products are available from Bomb Cosmetics’ Australian distributor Get Drenched

What is your summer must-have beauty product? Let us know below.