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N2 Extreme Gelato: What makes it the coolest ice-cream in town

Hui Jun Ng

Mon Dec 02 2013


N2 HAS taken Fitzroy by storm. The boutique dessert store is the talk of the town and every gelato lover! Hui Jun Ng chats to co-owner Anngee Yeoh. 

Inspired by English celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal, N2 Extreme Gelato uses liquid nitrogen to make its gelato. With an extraordinary low boiling point of minus 196°C, liquid nitrogen crystalizes the gelato mix in seconds.

The result is an impeccably smooth texture with hardly any ice crystals, which is something you just don’t get with traditional ice creams.


“We change our menu every Thursday,” says Anngee Yeoh, co-owner of N2 Extreme Gelato.

There are some classic flavours that always make a comeback. Like crème brulee, they’re just so good, people constantly request them and are even disappointed if they come and they’re not available. One scoop of the scientifically created gelato costs $6 and you can get a glass of T2 hot tea for $3.50.


As a gelato fan myself, I managed to try six N2 flavours before, during and after my interview with Anngee. Each N2 flavour is vastly different but their smoothness and creaminess remain unrivaled.

My favourites were the crème brulee and pandan crème brulee gelato, both of which sit on a crispy caramel crust and were neither too sweet nor too bland. The crème brulee infused with pandan particularly had me sold.

I also loved the banana and peanut crumble gelato, which was a brilliant hybrid where the clashing flavours surprisingly complemented each other. The deconstructed chocolate lava came with an additional syringe of delicious ganache-like chocolate sauce, which I’m sure chocolate maniacs will go gaga over.

That said, not all the flavours were winners in my book. Thesalted caramel, albeit tasty, was way too salty for me and made finishing the dessert a challenge. The white chocolate lavender only had a tinge of chocolate after taste and was overwhelmed by lavender scent. It was too exotic for my liking.


One of the best things about N2 Extreme Gelato is that it lets customers to be a part of the creative team by inviting them to suggest their dream flavour online.

Anything is possible in N2 and that means even the wackiest ideas are appreciated. Kimchi, bacon and even SPAM canned meat have made it to the menu in the past!

Check out our chat with co-owner Anngee Yeoh and see how N2’s delicious gelato is made in the video above!

N2 Extreme Gelato is at 329 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy and is open everyday from 1pm to 11pm. 

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