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Don’t miss UMSU International’s upcoming events!

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Sat Mar 29 2014


NEW to Melbourne, or just want to find ways to maximise your time as a student here? Don’t miss UMSU International’s two upcoming events! Check out what’s available for students at the Student Experience Fair, or eat up a storm and have a great time at their annual Night Market. Chrisella Sentena tells you more.

UMSU International (formerly known as Melbourne University University Students’ Association – MUOSS) presents the Student Experience Fair and of course the acclaimed annual Night Market!

Student Experience Fair

Get the most of your student experience at the University of Melbourne! Don’t miss the Student Experience Fair, which provides information for new and current students. With plenty of stalls from the University such as the UMSU Welfare Department and the Academic Skills Unit, there is something for everyone.

Starting life in Melbourne can get rather tough for international students, and the fair aims to let students know that there is plenty of help around. Or, if you’re up for a bit of fun in the middle of a break, there are games and free food too, to keep you occupied.

1 April 2014
11:30am – 2:30pm
MacFarland Court, The University of Melbourne

Night Market

Melbourne University’s annual night market is back with a bang! The Night Market has successfully attracted thousands of visitors every year, with numbers steadily increasing. This year, the Market’s theme is “Once Upon a Time”. It is one of the University’s main events, so celebrate the cool autumn weather with food, drinks and entertainment.

From the Russian Students Association to the Melbourne University French Club, get your dose of culture with a wide array of inexpensive international meals prepared on the spot. If you’re not hungry, there are plenty of games to participate and beautiful performances to catch!

See you there! All are welcome!

10 April 2014
5:30pm – 10:00
MacFarland Court, The University of Melbourne