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The University of Melbourne amongst top 10 for graduate employability worldwide

Meld Magazine

Thu Mar 20 2014


THE University of Melbourne was recently listed among the world’s top 10 universities for graduate employability, according to the QS World University rankings. Chrisella Sentena reports.

The University of Melbourne was named the 8th Best University according to Employers in 2013/14, beating global institutions such as Yale University and the National University of Singapore.

Figures from the recent QS World University Rankings revealed that The University of Melbourne is Australia’s second best university, coming in at 33 in overall rankings and number 10 in employer reputation for all universities assessed, including specialist institutions.

The University of Melbourne’s Provost, Professor Margaret Shell, is pleased at the recognition.

“Being one of the top 10 universities for graduate employability is a significant achievement and a testament to our internationally recognised degree programs,” Professor Shell said.

The QS employer reputation survey works by collating the Universities that employers “consider best for recruiting graduates”.

The University of Melbourne currently has a graduate employment rate of 76.1%.

Accounting firm Ernst and Young’s Oceania Campus Recruitment Lead Melinda Woodlock told Meld that they consider “all applications from students who have studied at the wide range of universities in Australia”.

“In addition to technical skills gained through university studies we look for students who are highly motivated, are skilled at building relationships and working in teams,” she said.

Student Allen He, who is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne, feels that the University provides both opportunities for academic and social development for their students.

However, he also feels that the university is “too big and competitive.”

“Help is limited, so it is up to me to develop my non-academic skills such as organisational skills myself,” said Mr He.

Nonetheless, it is clear that Universities around the world are striving to stay competitive. Another University of Melbourne student, Rheza Handaya, feels that the University imparts essential skills required for graduates today.

“Melbourne University keeps on going up the world university and employability rankings. This shows that, to an extent, they are capable in equipping me with the skills and abilities that they are receptive on the trends of the market, and where it’s heading,” the Bachelor of Commerce student said.