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Hello 2014! It’s going be year of change!

Meld Magazine

Fri Apr 04 2014

Meld Magazine 2014

MAKING resolutions is one thing, sticking to them is quite another, as we discovered here at the Meld HQ. Find out what’s been keeping us busy busy busy! 

Meld Magazine 2014

How quickly has the year gone?

Some of you may have noticed our website has been a little quieter than usual – that’s because we’ve been busy getting our house in order!

This year marks an exciting year of change for us, starting from the way our volunteers operate, to the way our website is going to look, to the new social spaces we’ll be inviting you to share with us.

To all our student volunteers, we are committed to providing improved learning outcomes by making our organisation flatter and empowering our reporters, photographers, videographers and social media managers to own and lead more projects.

To our readers, friends and supporters, our goal this year is to bring you more focused content around the topics and interests you care about, as well as open up more opportunities for you to participate by sharing your stories, knowledge and insights.

We will keep you updated with all our developments and some exciting announcements to come, so stay tuned!