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Visit the CBD’s new Study Melbourne Student Centre!

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Mon Apr 28 2014


IF you’re looking for a central location to meet up for group assignments or tackle a solo study session, check out the new Study Melbourne Student Centre! Ernest Lee tells you more.


Have you ever organised a group meeting or wanted to find a place to revise in the city? Pay a visit to the newly opened Study Melbourne Student Centre, which has just moved from Carlton to the CBD.

For those of you familiar with the centre, the new one will continue to provide professional support and referrals to local services and community resources.

In addition, students who have questions about accommodation and housing options, legal services, health services, and other support services can also continue to access the Student Centre for free.

Located near Southern Cross station, the Study Melbourne Student Centre’s new location is now more convenient for international students, particularly those form regional areas.

Students can look forward to a new space where they can hold meetings and events, and have access to computers with internet and printing services.

The official launch of the Study Melbourne Student Centre will be held in mid 2014.

The Study Melbourne Student Centre
Ground Floor
599 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000

For more information, visit the Study Melbourne website.