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Simple DIY Ideas To Beat Exam Stress

Faridah Wu

Fri Jun 13 2014

cardboard mascots

NEED a break from exam revision to exercise your creative side? Faridah Wu compiled her favourite DIY home decor ideas – for you to work on now, or after exams. 

It’s that time of the year again… When exams and revision seem to take up every bit of your time.

Why don’t you take a short break and make something fun? Here are some ideas to get your right brain excited while your left brain takes a fulfilling break.

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DIY Personalised Sharpie Mugs

sharpie mugs

You’ll need an oil-based sharpie for this, because water-based sharpies will just wash right off. Use it to doodle some designs or even a personalised message, then bake it in an oven at about 177 degrees Celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit) for 20-30 minutes. Then, enjoy! It’s sure to perk you up during a dreary study session.

Personalised photo bunting personalised photos bunting

Buntings are an easy way to brighten up a room. All you need is string, some photographs and glue. You can also get some paper to stick on the back of the photo and paint some pegs as well. Buntings are also a great way to hang photos of loved ones and great memories instead of just leaving them hidden away.

Handmade exam packs

handmade personalised sweets gift

This isn’t really a home decor idea, but it’s a cute idea to stick in a jar or a dish. Give these out during revision sessions and you’ll be the most popular person around. You can even add a personalised motivational note at the back – a great way to spur each other on!

Labels for your chargers

charger labels

Always mixing up your phone charger with your laptop charger? Why not label them so you’ll never end up carrying the wrong charger around? These are cheap stickers but you can customise them and use different colours for different chargers. You can even add your name so you won’t mix it up with your roommate’s charger!

Sort your cables and keep them in a handy place

sorting cables

We love that this is both environmentally-friendly and useful. Save those toilet rolls and stick them together, and you’ll never have tangled wires again. Get creative and paint those brown tubes or cover them in cheerful coloured paper and ribbons.

Cardboard decor

cardboard flowers decor

Here’s another way to reuse those cardboard toilet roll tubes. Simply cut them up evenly and squash them down. Paint them in your favourite colours, then stick them together. If you’re living in a rental apartment or home share, you might want to stick them onto a pin board instead of the wall.

Toilet roll mascots

cardboard mascots

Is there nothing the humble toilet roll can’t do? Here we have some adorable toilet roll mascots. Just glue the top of the cardboard roll together, and paint it to suit your favourite character. How about Mickey Mouse, or a ninja turtle, or Olaf the snowman? The possibilities are endless!

Handmade dream catchers

dream catcher

Dream catchers supposedly catch your bad dreams so that you’ll only be left with good dreams. If you’ve been having sleepless nights, this might be a great Pinterest idea to try out. Sweet dreams!

Beaded key chains

key fobs

key chain

Always losing your keys? If your keys always seem to be always disappearing in your bag or under a pile of books, why not put it on a key chain so they’ll be easier to find? Check out these cute examples for some inspiration.

Handmade roses from book pages

flower pages

These handmade roses are both pretty and easy to make. But… we advise you to finish your exams before ripping out your notes!

That’s what we’re loving right now! These are really simple fun ideas to take your mind off of exam stress, while making something fun at the same time. Hang in there, and all the best for your examinations!