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5 date ideas in Melbourne

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Wed Jul 23 2014

MEETING someone new and wanting to become more than friends is always an exciting time. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Neil Krikul, William Hoang and Sam Tse give you some date ideas… to be shared with your special someone!

So, you’ve asked someone out and they’ve said “yes”, and you’re thinking of potential venues so you both have an enjoyable time. But if you’re new to Melbourne, you may not be so familiar with where to go.

We checked in with 40 students from Trinity College Foundation Studies for some ideas:

Share a meal

Where to go on a date - Trinity 1

Thirty per cent of Trinity students surveyed found that sharing a meal with their (potential) significant other was their favourite way to start a date. We think Auction Rooms in North Melbourne is fantastic. Good food, great coffee, and wonderful conversation – sounds like a wonderful time.

Trinity student Christopher Chia also believes it is good practice for the guy to pay for the meal.

Spend quality time at home

Sometimes, staying in for a date also works well. 27.5% of Trinity students think that having a date at home is great for spending quality time together. You can cook, play board games, or get to know each other better with long chats.

Take a stroll

Photo: Steve Davidson via Flickr

Photo: Steve Davidson via Flickr

If staying indoors isn’t quite your cup of tea, why not head to the park? 25% of Trinity students think that a park is a great place for a date. Best of all, Melbourne is home to a few beautiful gardens. Check out Carlton Gardens or the Royal Botanic Gardens, where you can hire barbecue pits or just admire the beautiful scenery.

Explore Melbourne

Why not go on an adventure? The remaining 10% of Trinity students surveyed like the idea of catching the sunset or going somewhere new. St Kilda Beach is a popular spot – complete with restaurants, a lovely park, and a gorgeous view of the sea. It is also only a short tram ride away from the Melbourne CBD!

Catch a movie

Lastly, 7.5% of Trinity students believe catching a movie would be a good date! If the conventional movie experience is too run-of-the-mill for your liking, Hoyts Melbourne Central has a “bean bag cinema” where you can enjoy the latest blockbusters from the comfort of your very own deluxe beanbag!