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Five things you’ve never thought of doing in Melbourne

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Thu Jul 31 2014


MELBOURNE may be one of the world’s most liveable cities, but there is also plenty to discover outside of the CBD! Here are five things you’ve never thought of doing in Melbourne, compiled by Trinity College Foundation Studies students Pansilu Sannasgala, Olivia Zhou and Martin Chan.

Hot air ballooning

If you would like a unique way to explore the city or its surrounds, hot air ballooning can be fun! There are options to board the balloon in the city, or in the Yarra Valley – which both have breathtaking views. You might want to save up a little before purchasing your tickets, as prices range from $90 to $500. As always, do some research before picking the hot air balloon company of your choice – some packages only provide flights, while others include transport and even a nice meal upon landing. Remember to read the fine print!


Have you ever played any escape-the-room puzzle games on your mobile devices? For a real-life experience, head on over to Exitus in Port Melbourne.

You’ll be trapped in an indoor maze for about 45 minutes, while solving various puzzles to make your way out.

Check out their official website for more information!


Are you easily spooked? You may want to skip this bit then…

But if you like the thrill of being in a “haunted house”, you might want to grab a mate and make your way to Dracula’s Haunted House in Cardigan Street. You’ll be entertained by macabre humour, plus dinner is included in the ticket price! Perfect for a unique night out if you’re looking for a brand new experience.

Head on over to their official website for further details.

The Comic’s Lounge

They say “Laughter is the best medicine”. For a great comedic experience, hit up the Comics Lounge in Errol Street in North Melbourne where comedians perform 6 nights a week. Buckle up, and prepare for a night of laughs till your stomach hurts!

Coburg Drive-in Theatre

Some days, you just want to chill out and catch a movie. Why not check out the Coburg Drive-in Theatre? Grab some snacks and make a great night out of it. Do remember to check movie sessions and times before heading there! Have a blast!