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Carlton Farmers’ Market to start in October

Darren Boon

Mon Sep 15 2014


INTERNATIONAL students will be able to shop around for fresh produce at the new Carlton Farmers’ Market opening in October. Darren Boon has the details.


Organisers of the new Carlton Farmers’ Market hope to attract a large crowd of international students when it begins on October 4.

The market will take place on the first and third Saturday of each month from 8.00am to 1.00pm at Carlton Primary Schoolon Palmerston St, Carlton.

Putting all of this together is the Melbourne Farmers’ Market (MFM) who has previously organised various other markets around the city as well.

Its Communications Manager Sarah Robins spoke fondly of international students’ familiarisation with the “concept of shopping for fresh produce at markets, direct from the growers”, which forms the idea of the farmers’ market.

“The location of the market for those living in the neighbourhood or near the universities is likely to appeal, as is its accessibility by public transport,” she added.

Ms Robins also told Meld that the 35 or so stalls available at the Carlton Farmers’ Market sell fresh produce and ready-made meals with certain items from the international students’ home countries that the students would be familiar with.

She also encouraged international students to visit the farmers’ market to “try out new things” as part of the students’ experience in Australia.

The farmers’ market is also a good place to meet and make friends, and to pick up some cooking tips.

Those who have an interest in where one’s food comes and sustainability would find the farmers’ market experience enriching.

The MFM also organises farmers’ markets in Southbank, Newport, Abbotsford, Coburg, Albert Park and Fairfield.

Ms Robins said, “Each farmers’ market location varies in its audience. Southbank attracted a very diverse crowd, many young people who live in the area. I’m sure some of these people would include international students.”

Head on down to the Carlton Farmers’ Market to shop around for some affordable produce beginning this October 4. More information about the market, including how to get there, can be found at the market’s page at Melbourne Farmers’ Market’s official website.