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SEXtember: Unveiling the truth about sex in relationships

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Tue Sep 30 2014


WE threw social taboos out the window and asked international students about their sex lives. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Natasha Hertanto and Joan Lim recorded their surprising answers. 


In our survey of 50 international students on their attitudes towards sex, a majority of those surveyed say that sex is important in a relationship. Surveyed male students were less open to casual sex than females.

Aged between 16-22, and hailing from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan and China, these students debunked several sex-related stereotypes about Asian teenagers and young adults.

All but six of interviewees said they are single and virgins, but nonetheless all had strong opinions about sex and its role in a relationship. In fact, half of the girls surveyed said sex is important in a relationship, and an essential way to display affection and strengthen the bond with their respective partner. Almost 80 per cent of the boys agreed.

But most of the interviewees disapprove of casual sex. While this isn’t surprising, it was quite a shock to learn that the female students were far more lax when it came to premarital relations than the males, turning the stereotype of sex-obsessed young men on its head.


Our survey results showed that 44 percent of females disapprove of casual sex. The remaining said it depended on the situation and relationship, with one 18-year-old Taiwanese girl describing sex as “a human need”.

In comparison, the males were far more conservative. More than 50 per cent said they’d never engaged in casual sex. For those students, religious beliefs and health concerns are their main motivations for abstinence.

But when it was all said and done, both the boys and the girls adamantly stated that they had enough information about sex and safe sex. Their opinions were well-informed and considered, and in many respects completely different from the stereotypical Asian teenager.

From our results, we found that females were surprisingly more open and accepting of the idea of sex, while the guys seemed to be a little more tame and sentimental.

Now that we’ve cast aside the traditional gender roles when it comes to sex, it’s time for a little self-reflection. Do you think sex is an important part of any relationship? Share in the comment box below!