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How much makeup is too much? Tips for looking good on campus

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Fri Nov 28 2014


MAKEUP is an essential part of many girls’ beauty routines – but what’s considered appropriate for college or uni? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Adzra Tsamara and Grace Kang asked both the boys and the girls and offer up some tips on getting the look just right for campus. 


Mirror mirror, which is the fairest of them all? Formal and natural make-up looks, or barefaced beauty? (Photo credits, from left to right, Heru WB and Grace Kang)

How much makeup is too much for the classroom? The answer may come as a bit of surprise for those who assume boys prefer girls who put more effort into their appearances.

Of the 25 male students surveyed, more than half of them said they preferred girls without makeup, and 36 per cent said they favoured a natural makeup look. One student said natural and inner beauty was important to him, and “girls should not hide their true self behind the coverage of thick makeup”.

Of the 25 girls surveyed, 19 said they preferred a natural makeup look for school. “By wearing natural makeup, you look more fresh and feel more beautiful”, one student said, and felt that basic, daily makeup helped enhance her natural beauty.

Now that the verdict is in – definitely don’t go to class looking like you’re ready for a big night out, and do aim for the natural look if you’re going to use make-up – we’ve outlined a step-by-step guide on how achieve the natural, fresh-faced look that’s perfect for the classroom.

1. Apply primer

After applying your daily skin care products like your toner and moisturiser, apply makeup primer all over your face.

The main function of a primer is to make your makeup last all day.


Applying foundation on your face. Photo: Adzra Tsamara

2. Apply foundation

Now that your primer has been applied, you can continue by applying foundation.

Foundation will help tone your complexion, making your skin look fresher and brighter.


Applying concealer on your face. Photo: Adzra Tsamara

3. Apply concealer

Staying up late rushing homework could cause you to have dark circles or bags underneath your eyes.

To avoid looking tired and drained, use concealer to hide those dark circles.

Concealer is also useful for hiding any redness or pimples on your face.


Applying powder on your face. Photo: Adzra Tsamara

4. Apply powder

Now to apply powder!

Applying powder helps your complexion look less oily and keeps your makeup in place.

It’s also useful to carry it with you to touch up during the day.


Applying bronzer along your cheekbones. Photo: Adzra Tsamara

5. Apply bronzer

Bronzer gives you that healthy glow on your skin and helps accentuate your features.

It can also have a slimming effect on your face.

Apply bronzer to the edges of your forehead, cheekbones line and jawline.


Applying color to eyebrows. Photo: Adzra Tsamara

6. Apply colour to eyebrows

Applying colour to your eyebrows can make your face look really different (but in a good way!).

Eyebrows can be considered as the frame of your face. For this step, you need to use either an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder.

Apply the colour by following the shape of your eyebrows, making them neater.


Applying eyeliner to your eyelids. Photo: Adzra Tsamara

7. Apply eyeliner

Eyeliner is used to make your eyes look sharper and bigger.

This step might be a bit tricky for beginners, but don’t worry because as you practice, this step will gradually be easier for you to do.

For girls who want to make their eyes appear larger, apply eyeliner on your eyelid, continuing on the tip of your eye and half of the bottom lid of your eye.


Applying mascara on your eyelashes. Photo: Adzra Tsamara

8. Apply mascara

Mascara can help you open up your eyes, giving the illusion of bigger eyes and thicker eyelashes.

Apply mascara to your eyelashes.


Applying lip gloss on your lips. Photo: Adzra Tsamara

9. Apply lipgloss

Last but not least, lipgloss!

To make your makeup look more natural, use lipgloss instead of lipstick.

Lipgloss is less pigmented than lipstick, but it makes your lips look shinier and healthier.


Final look!

And that’s all there is to applying a beautifully natural look for everyday use!

Just follow these simple steps and you can achieve a striking natural look as well!

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