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Registration now open for University of Melbourne’s Research Bazaar Conference

Hieu Chau

Thu Nov 13 2014


WANT to pursue a career in research or refine your research skills? The University of Melbourne’s Research Bazaar Conference helps students gain the skills necessary to succeed in the research field. Hieu Chau has more details of the event.

Students wanting to kickstart their research career or refine their skills as researchers may want to register for the Research Bazaar Conference held in February 2015.

Organised by the University of Melbourne’s Research Department, the Research Bazaar Conference is both an academic training conference and a social event. Researchers from various disciplines and different levels of study will gather for a weekend to hone their craft, learn more about what it takes to be a successful researcher and network with their fellow peers.

The conference is offering a comprehensive weekend of practical learning for the attendees. Students and early career researchers are able to improve their skills in computer programming or discover new databases that will ensure the next generation of researchers are better equipped.

Apart from the series of talks, the Research Bazaar Conference team has also organised several food trucks, movie nights and other fun activities so attendees will not be overwhelmed by the amount of learning they will be doing.

Although the event is free, registration is still necessary. The first round registration deadline closes on November 30, so you need to sign up quickly if you want to visit the conference’s workshops and training seminars to help improve your career options in research.

The Research Bazaar Conference is a free event and will be held at The University of Melbourne’s Parkville campus. Registration to the event closes on November 30. More information about the event, including event registration, can be found at the Research Bazaar Conference’s official blog.