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International students speak out on returning home from study

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Tue Dec 09 2014

excited little girl running to her father at airport after a long wait with mother

LEAVING home is never easy for international students but so is returning to it. Trinity Foundation Studies students Alicia Le, Oriana Xia and Russell Wong spoke to five international students on their first homecoming experiences. 

excited little girl running to her father at airport after a long wait with mother

Leaving home is never easy. There’s always a tingling feeling of excitement mixed with sadness as you leave your old life behind to start a new one. And conversely, there’s always a feeling of wonder and awe when you return to that world you once knew.

We spoke to a few students to ask them about the first time they returned home from study.

Samantha, Singapore, 17


“When you reach home you just get very very happy… When I first reached Changi Airport, I got very happy and started jumping up and down for no reason. It’s an indescribable joy that I was feeling; after which the week was spent with my family, friends and teachers who I love and treasure the most.”

Cindy, Hefei, China, 19


“When I arrived in Hefei, my dad picked me up from the airport and we drove straight to my high school for lunch. I missed the food; I couldn’t wait anymore.”

Leanne, Singapore, 17


“I guess it’s exciting, as the plane lands and as you see Singapore and Changi Airport coming closer. And then when it lands, you get the feeling of ‘I’m finally home’! And nothing more than happiness; no, I didn’t cry! I was just happy to see my family.”

Ryan, Xi-an, China, 18


“I felt quite excited when I first stepped back into my hometown, and I was just very excited to see my high school friends. We had dinner together, we went to KTV together, and we took some photos. I also went back to my high school to visit my teachers and other schoolmates as well; they’re still learning and studying there. I also took a full-day of class with them like as if I was still in school with them as well.The holiday was too short – really too short.”

Annli, Malaysia, 17


“[At first, I actually] flew back to Singapore, for a wedding, so I was pretty excited [to come home] but when I didn’t see my sister at first I was in tears… but then my sister finally came and I forgave her. I saw my mom hug my dad and they had to go out to meet relatives and stuff. I felt a bit disappointed that I couldn’t have “quality time” with them, but then we went back home and all was fine. Except for my dog who wasn’t there. She had died.“

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