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Hack To Your Future: Coding competition for IT students and grads

Marina Solomon

Tue Mar 10 2015


CALLING all IT students and graduates! Show off your coding abilities and network with others in your field at the Hack to Your Future event this weekend! Marina Solomon has more information.


Looking to get a head in your IT career? From March 14 – 15, IT students and graduate developers are invited to attend Hack To Your Future, a weekend long hackathon event where competing contestants are given the opportunity to show off their coding skills.

Organised by SeamlessCMS, the event will see IT graduates and students, local and international, come together to not only share their knowledge of IT but to also gain invaluable networking and career opportunities as well.

Each attendant will be placed in a team and given 24 hours to come up with creative content, with 15 seniors on the floor to help with any confusion or needs.

By the end of the event, the winning team with the most creative content will earn potential job opportunities as their prize. In past years, the event has seen graduate students move onto bigger roles in the industry. And although job opportunities are only available for final year students or IT graduates, there is still a chance to win cash prizes.

Even if you don’t win a cash prize, each participant will still be able to leave the event with plenty of freebies in hand.

Alex Palmer, Company Director of SeamlessCMS will be in attendance, this being his very first hackathon event.

“I’m excited to see the energy, and young people coming together to create something amazing,” said Mr Palmer

To attend, register your interest at Alternatively, you can register here at their official site too.

Hack to Your Future will take place at Inspire9 between Saturday, March 14 and Sunday, March 15. For more information about the event, visit the official website.