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Procrastinating much? Three videos to help you get a move on

Meld Magazine

Thu Apr 09 2015


IN the first part of our four-part series to help you through the semester, Gabriella Ariffin shares three videos that will inspire you to get moving again when procrastination threatens and deadlines loom. Perhaps somewhat ironically, you can watch them in bed. 


Vik Nithy – On procrastination

Starting with the why, Vik Nithy offers an explanation as to why we procrastinate. Spoiler alert – apparently there is a monkey living inside our minds, making choices when we are discouraged.

Matt Cutts – Try something new for 30 days

Now that we know why, how do we overcome our apathy? Matt Cutts offers a neat way to think about setting and achieving goals – and suggests you try doing something new every day for 30 days.

Christopher McDougall – Are we born to run?

More than work and study, getting ourselves physically moving can be challenging too. Christopher McDougall may just get you to quit becoming a couch potato, lace up your shoes and hit the urban jungle.