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Newly elected CISA executives announced: Meet your new national representatives

Stephen Clarke

Mon Jul 20 2015


NEW executive committee members for the Council of International Students Australia have been elected following CISA’s annual conference. Find out who will be representing the nearly half a million international students studying in Australia as Stephen Clarke reports. 


Left to right: Nidhi Baweja (National Secretary), Maximilian Obinna Obiakor (General Member – Postgraduate), Mustika Indah (Nina) Khairina (President). Image courtesy of CISA (via Facebook)

Following the Council of International Students’ conference and Annual General Meeting in early July, new national representatives have been elected in what is by far the most competitive elections for the organisation.

The 11 positions received 52 total nominations on the last day of the conference, leaving no positions uncontested.

The newly elected president is Ms. Nina Khairina, who is currently finishing a term as the president of Monash University’s International Students Service.

Ms Khairina said she wants to bring something fresh to the organisation.

“We aim to improve upon last year’s initiatives and roll out new projects. The main focus for the year is to build a really strong grass-roots movement,” she said.

“My team this year consists of fellow student leaders who share the same passion and commitment to empower more international students and as such, I am confident that we can push for real changes. It is definitely going to be an exciting year for CISA.”


Left: Hassan Riaz (National Treasurer); Right: Lok Ching (Dorothy) Tang (Public Relations Officer). Image courtesy of CISA (via Facebook)

Ms. Khairina anticipates future growth of CISA’s annual conference and said she wants more student voices to be heard.

“The students’ concerns have been clearly raised and in the future CISA will endeavour to listen more and act according to the direction given by its members.”

Outgoing president Thomson Ch’ng expressed his confidence in the new board.

“The members have elected a highly capable team comprised of talented individuals. I am confident that the newly elected team will continue the work of the past executive team to maintain and grow CISA’s spirit.”

The other positions on the council have been filled as follows:

  • Vice President:  Eddie Osei Bonsu (Canberra Institute of Technology)
  • Secretary: Nidhi Baweja  (University of Technology Sydney)
  • Treasurer: Hassan Riaz (Australian National University)
  • Public Relations Officer: Lok Ching (Dorothy) Tang (University of Melbourne)
  • Education Officer: Sean Farrell Matjeraie (University of Western Australia)
  • Welfare Officer: Difie Boakye Mensah (University of Guayaquil)
  • Equity Officer: Saba Nabi (Charles Sturt University)
  • General Member (VET/TAFE): Sahil Puri (Victoria University)
  • General Member (Undergraduate): Bakani Butale (University of Queensland)
  • General Member (Postgraduate): Maximilian Obinna Obiakor (University of New England)