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Healthier food options for students lacking time and money

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Tue Jul 14 2015


STUDENTS often fall into the trap of eating convenient fast food for lunch, not knowing that there are plenty of healthy, cheap options all around the city. Trinity College Foundation Studies students offer suggestions on how students can maintain a better eating habit. 

“Have you tried this restaurant yet?”

“Where can I find this type of food in the city?”

“We should go that restaurant after class!”

Food is one of the most common points of conversation that all students in Melbourne talk about. Thanks to the city’s diverse multicultural make-up, you can find a smorgasbord of food culture living in the CBD with a huge range of cuisines originating from countries including Mexico, Malaysia, Japan, India and many more.

Yet with so many options available, it’s sometimes easy to forget that a lot of these meals don’t always work in tandem with your body.

Sometimes the cheaper and healthier option is the best choice to make. Students are often unaware of the best places to eat that won’t take a toll on both their wallet and health which is why we offer a few healthier alternatives that are easy on the wallet and don’t leave you feeling guilty and greasy.

Stocking up on fruit and veg (Queen Victoria Market)

While time might be a factor for a lot of students who can’t spare any to cook for themselves at home, it’s always worth stocking up on fruit and vegetables from Queen Victoria Market.

If you have a juicer or a blender, you can make some pretty great and healthy drinks from these alone (which in itself isn’t too time-consuming to make).

Students often neglect fruits and vegetables as part of their everyday food cycle which is why this cheap, quick and easy option might be one way for students to stay healthy and be happy with their spending.

Om Vegetarian 


An example of the affordable and healthy curries you can get at Om Vegetarian! Photo: David Jackmanson via Flickr

This Hare Krishina joint, hidden away upstairs on Swanston St, offers $6.50 all you can eat curries for dinner.

An absolute bargain for those short on cash, you can also take solace knowing that this homemade meal is most certainly a healthy eating choice given the folks who’ve made it!


One of most popular foods students and workers chow down on every lunch time in Melbourne is sushi. There are a lot of sushi options in Melbourne, so much so that it feels as though you can’t go five minutes without walking past one in the city.

If you are buying sushi in the city, aim to buy sushi rolls that have brown rice as opposed to the normal white rice. Brown rice is known to help reduce cholesterol levels and is also high in protein.

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