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Australian Movie and Comic Expo 2015

Stephen Clarke

Mon Aug 17 2015


PICK up what you can and run to the Australian Movie and Comic Expo, formerly known as Armageddon Australia. Stephen Clarke has the details on who you can see and what you can expect from this year’s event.

For all things nerdy, look no further than one of the country’s biggest entertainment events, the Australian Movie and Comic Expo!

Formerly known as Armageddon Australia, the entertainment expo returns to Melbourne this October with tickets currently on general sale to the public.

If you fancy yourself a fan of gaming, fantasy, comics, anime, sci-fi and everything else in between, the AMC Expo will have you covered. Assembling a great lineup of guests for this year’s Expo, fans of shows like Joss Whedon‘s Firefly and the hit DC Comics series, The Flash, will want to zoom down to the Melbourne Showgrounds to meet their favourite stars.

Sean Maher (Firefly), Rick Cosnett (The Flash), Rachel Miner (Supernatural), Gideon Emery (Teen Wolf) and Australia’s own Dichen Lachman (The 100) will be appearing alongside of other fantastic TV actors, comic book artists, voice over actors and renowned cosplayers. 

There will also be a huge comic book giveaway throughout the weekend, with more than 1000 comics up for grabs for those who arrive early!

For rev-heads, some of the most famous vehicles to hit the big screen will be rolled out, including Back to the Future‘s iconic DeLorean, Mad Max‘s shiny (but not chrome) Interceptor and the 1966 Batmobile.

Cosplayers looking to show off their work and craft will be able to participate in the event’s popular cosplay competition while a range of other show specials and exclusives have to be announced!

A range of show specials and exclusives have yet to be announced, so expect even more exciting developments in the near future and grab your tickets before they disappear!

For more information on the event, or to purchase tickets, visit AMC’s website here.