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Perfect Christmas gifts for each personality type

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Wed Dec 16 2015


FINDING the right gifts can be difficult when your own personality doesn’t line up with those of your friends and family. To make things easier, Trinity College Foundation Studies students Jeff Xingyu Zhao, Aivae Jingjie Tan and Masae Shiroki suggest the best gifts to get for each personality type. 


The overachiever, the athlete, the explorer… Different people will have different tastes and understanding which personality type your friends and family members fit in will mean gifting each person something unique.

If you’re still searching for something to fill the stocking of your loved ones, we identify the different types of personalities your friends and family might associate themselves with and suggest the best gifts to give to that type of person.

The party-going clubber

The party-going clubber is the type of person who just can’t seem to stay away from clubbing and can be seen every weekend tearing up the dance floor at their favourite club.

They might just be the most fashionable person in your circle which means getting them brand-name accessories and clothes as gifts.

Luxury is the name of the game so you might want to borrow some styling tips from celebrities like Justin Bieber or socialites like the Kardashians.

The geek

Contrasting the clubbing lifestyle is the geek, someone who doesn’t mind a night in either reading, watching a movie or playing games.

Just be wary that geeks come in different types themselves — some may be more computer literate, others might be more bookish. If they’re a gamer, get them that new game they’ve been eyeing or even a new console!

If they’re an avid reader, perhaps a new book or an e-reader (if they’re not too traditional!) will suffice. If you’re short on ideas, perhaps think to yourself what you would get for the Sheldon Coopers or Mark Zuckerbergs of the world.

The athlete

Have a friend who thinks they’re the next Ronda Rousey or LeBron James? If so, consider getting them gifts that relate to their favourite sport.

Gift ideas for athletes are almost endless: a vintage jersey from their favourite team or player, new sports gear to train and play in or a compilation DVD of that sport’s best moments are some solid gifts for athletes and sports fanatics.

Otherwise, book them in for some outdoor experiences they’re not likely to forget about like a real hiking or rock climbing adventure in the Australian wilderness!

The explorer

Budget travel and accommodation

Unlike the athlete, the explorer is the type of person who is constantly on the look out for new adventures. They might not be necessarily a physical person however; just someone who enjoys getting out there and seeing the world.

For this type of person, organise a day trip for them to go visit countryside Victoria. Be on the lookout also for cheap return flights from Melbourne to other Australian cities too like Hobart or maybe even consider getting them cheap tickets to New Zealand.

Alternatively, travelling equipment might be worth getting to. If they like camping, maybe some new gear for their outdoor adventure might do. Or if they’re going overseas, new luggage might do the trick!

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