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The Weekender: March 11 – 13

Clara Ng

Thu Mar 10 2016

Helados Jauja Masterclass

REVEL in a colourful fiesta, relish two dozen flavours of ice-cream, witness several superheroic attempts to fly, and explore the hidden gems of local craft and design. Clara Ng brings you Melbourne’s weekend bests.  

Square Market
Friday, 11 March (9.00am – 4.00pm) | The Atrium, Federation Square

Think you’ve seen Melbourne’s finest?

Square is a company that supports local small businesses from emerging artists and illustrators to homeware designers and crafters. Their upcoming Square Market is reflective of the company’s ongoing support of small businesses and offers visitors a chance to visit a a pop-up marketplace where they can find quaint, unique pieces, all in one great location.

Entry is free, but you’ll probably walk away with some goodies.

Grab a coffee and bagel from 5 & Dime and pick up some cute stationery from Mi Goals. Perhaps an afternoon treat by Mork Chocolate while you’re at it too. And then a terrarium (or two) from Plant by Packwood.

To learn more about the Square Market, visit the event’s website. Find out more about Square at their website.

Moomba Festival 2016
Friday, March 11 – Sunday, March 13 (All day) | Federation Square, Birrarung Marr, Yarra River

Melbourne’s largest iconic community festival promises to enliven your long weekend. Moomba features street art, side shows, dances and floats, ending in a brilliant fireworks display.

Take the Moomba Festival Photography Tourto spruce up your Instagram gallery. In just two hours, this camera, smartphone and tablet-friendly tour lets you capture the best and brightest of this vibrant city. From amateurs to advanced photographers, this is a great opportunity to learn, share and snap.

If you’re feeling adventurous, join the exciting Birdman Rally in Birrarung Marr. Watch Hawks and Penguins compete for the Charity Jackpot – by hurling themselves into the Yarra river.

Don’t miss this spectacular mix of crazy, serious and fun, with proceeds going to the Red Cross, RSPCA Victoria and Oxfam Australia.

Cultural Diversity Week
Saturday, March 12 –Sunday, March 20 (All day) | Federation Square

Viva Victoria! Each year, more than 45,000 people flock to Federation Square in celebration of Australia’s unique brand of cultural diversity.

Join the colourful crowd for multicultural music and dance performances, savour a myriad of cultural cuisines and discover eclectic treasures at the craft market. An adventure that will (quite literally) take you away.

This event is presented by the Victorian Multicultural Commission, which aims to promote social, linguistic and religious harmony through enhancing cultural precincts and community relations.

Want to be involved? Get inspired with a look at the program.

Ice Cream Appreciation Masterclass
Saturday, March 12 – Saturday, April 16 (3.00pm – 5.00pm) | Helados Jauja (254 Lygon St, Carlton)

How does one truly enjoy an ice-cream?

Helados Jauja is offering a taste of all their 24 flavours – on condition that they’re savored properly, of course.

Each Saturday, every two-hour session promises a gustatory treat. Sample Jauja’s handmade Pantagonian ice-cream, including flavours such as shortbread, peanut butter Nutella and blood plum – a taste of authentic Argentina.

And after you’ve tasted your fill, leave with complimentary pack of three flavours of your choice. This is one class you might actually look forward to.

Tickets are $55 – secure a place here.