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FTW: Receive a free IKEA makeover and redesign your room

Meld Magazine

Fri May 06 2016


IN partnership with IKEA, Meld Magazine is giving two lucky students the chance to score an IKEA makeover where your room of choice can be re-designed and refurbished! More details on the competition inside. 


A student’s work space at home is their most important domain and where you choose to study is vital to getting work done. Whether it’s the bedroom, the living room or your own study room, it’s important to understand that a productive work environment will have an impact on the work you produce.

Maintaining a healthy working environment, however, can be difficult and for students wondering how they can make their space work better for them, you’re in luck!

Meld Magazine, in partnership with IKEA, will be giving two lucky students the chance to receive an IKEA makeover for their room to the value of $1000.

To take part, all you have to do is to take a photo of the room/the space that you think could do with a refresh, and to tell us in 25 words or less what you’d like to change about your room or why you wish to be helped.

All submissions will need to be sent to, with the subject line “IKEA makeover”, and include your full name, country where you’re from and contact details including your address, mobile number and email address.

The competition is open to international students in Victoria and the deadline for submissions is Sunday, June 5.

Terms and conditions:

  • The competition is open only to international students in Victoria, and participants will need to show proof of their identity including a student ID.
  • The design and selection of all products to be used in the makeover will be determined by IKEA
  • Once winners have been chosen, IKEA will need to gain full access to the students’ space for between 1 – 3 days in order to determine how best to redesign and refurbish the space (the makeover itself will take place as soon as practicable, within two months of the winner being notified).
  • Winners must consent to IKEA and Meld Magazine co-owning the intellectual property rights and copyright of all photos used for marketing purposes.