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What music do you listen to during study time?

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Tue Jun 21 2016


WHAT kind of music do international students listen to when they study? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Eva Teoh, Roka Gao and Jiabao Shao spoke to three students with differing tastes in music and ask them why it helps them study.

For many of the international students at Trinity College Foundation Studies, they agree that music does assist in studying — it can help you focus, relax and work more efficiently. But what kind of music works best when it comes to staying focused during study?

Speaking to students from Trinity College, we asked them what kind of music they enjoyed listening to during study time and why that choice of genre helps them relax in their work.

Zoe, who wishes to study arts at the University of Melbourne, says she listens to any music with a harmonious melody especially when she writes essays. Music in general also helps her to stay awake when she studies. When asked about her favourite type of music, Zoe said she had no favourite genre but if she did have to choose, she cited pop music, particularly K-pop. Zoe also adds that music, especially ballads, can be especially beneficial in getting students to sleep.

John meanwhile is a massive fan of classical music. His favourite pieces to listen to while studying are “Symphony No.40 in G minor” and “Serenade for Strings in G major”. Rather than listen out of his speakers, John prefers using a headset because he doesn’t want to be bothered when focusing on studies. He also adds that using his headset makes enjoying the music all the more better. Additionally, John mentions that he enjoys listening to music while he explores Melbourne by tram.

Conversely, Doria has a completely different attitude to that of John and Zoe because she thinks that listening to music would negatively affect her studies. Her main concern is that the lyrics would be distracting. But interestingly, when she feels sleepy and tired, she will keep herself awake by listening to some classical music and jazz. Sometimes, she even likes listening to soft music while reading which she says helps to create a tranquil atmosphere.

Do you agree that music helps get work done? What kind of music do you enjoy listening to when you study? Or do you prefer to have no music while you’re studying? Why? Let us know in the comments below. 

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