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FTW: Win a Gimoka Coffee Prize Pack presented by L’Emporio

Justin Lim

Mon Aug 22 2016


WANT true and authentic Italian coffee but don’t have the money to travel to Italy for it? Thanks to L’Emporio, Meld Magazine is giving away a Gimoka coffee prize pack for you to sample some of the richest coffee ever, straight from Italy! Justin Lim has more. 


Coffee lovers and connoisseurs rejoice! L’Emporio, a new Australian-based coffee distrubutor, is bringing you authentic Italian coffee brand Gimoka to delight the tongues of caffeinated Melburnians.

In Italy, Gimoka is Italy’s third largest coffee roaster and can be found in the country’s bars, hotels and restaurants.

When founders Elio, Elisa and Giulio were on holiday in Italy years ago, they stumbled into a bar on a cold morning in the backstreets of Florence and discovered the best espresso ever. After taking in the exquisite flavours of this Italian coffee, the three founders swore they would bring the taste of this coffee back to Melbourne.

After reaching out to the bar, they soon discovered that the coffee used was Gimoka, a brand which had its humble beginnings as family company 30 years ago. Since then, Gimoka has prided itself on sourcing its own ‘chicco’ (grain) from producers all around the world and deals fairly with local coffee growers in South East Asia and South America. Additionally, Gimoka is also a member of Café de Colombia and the 4C Association, organisations dedicated to providing environmentally sustainable coffee.

As the official Australian distributor of Gimoka, L’Emporio will be selling their coffee in Nespresso compataible capsule packs so that everyone can enjoy the fine taste of Italy. Additionally, L’Emporio also supplies Gran Caffè Garibaldi, a small single-origin coffee company that makes small batch coffee and decaf coffee.


If you want to experience true Italian coffee is like, Meld Magazine will be giving away one Gimoka and Gran Caffè Garibaldi Launch Pack thanks to L’Emporio (pictured above).

Normally valued at $30, L’Emporio’s launch pack includes five boxes of Gimoka and Gran Caffè Garibaldi coffee (Intenso, Cremoso, Vellutato, Dolce Aroma, Gusto Top) and each box contains 10 Nespresso compatible pods. To win, simply enter the Rafflecopter competition below! 

If you wish to find out more about Gimoka, visit L’Emporio’s official website

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