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Project O presents ‘Festival Sembilan Puluhan (The ’90s Generation Festival)’

Stevi Lee

Thu Aug 18 2016


TAKE a trip down memory lane by reminiscing at Project O’s upcoming ’90s-themed event, Festival Sembilan Puluhan! Stevi Lee has all the details about this throwback event. 


Ever wonder what it would be like to re-live the ’90s; back when you were consuming ‘Cokelat Payung’ (chocolates shaped in an umbrella stick) with your fellow friends, or when you were playing games like ‘Ular Tangga’ (snake ladder) just in front of your house? Well wonder no longer because Project O, a non-profit organisation established by the RMIT Indonesian Students Association (PPIA RMIT) is bringing you back to 1990s Indonesia with its upcoming Festival Sembilan Puluhan!

Taking place at RMIT’s Alumni Courtyard on Saturday, August 27, the entire day will be a nostalgia trip for ’90s kids from Indonesia. Food and snacks from the period will be available for you to munch on and games from the ’90s will also be available for you and your friends to play.

But beyond simply being a throwback to your childhood, the event is also a way for attendees to contribute to a charitable cause. Project O aims to give back to society and break the poverty cycle in Indonesia – the ‘O’ in their name representing their motto “Share to Learn, Learn to Share”.

Each year, the organisation focuses on a theme to complement its cause and this year Project O’s theme is “Wake Up Your Senses”; aimed at alerting Indonesian students to the problems in their home country and helping them to acknowledge and understand these issues.

So if you’re Indonesian, or even if you’re not, head down to Festival Sembilan Puluhan to relish in the memory of the ’90s, help contribute to a worthy cause by donating and make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate children of Indonesia.

Project O’s Festival Sembilan Puluhan (The 90s Generation Festival) will be hosted at RMIT’s Alumni Courtyard (357 Russel St, Melbourne) on Saturday, August 27 (11.00am – 5.00pm). For more information about Project O, visit their official website and to keep up to date with their ’90s throwback festival, visit the Facebook event page