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National minimum wage rate increase will affect int’l students too

Samantha Chew

Tue Jul 04 2017


The national minimum wage has increased following an announcement by Fair Work Commission (FWC) president Justice Iain Ross in early June.

Effective July 1, 2017, the minimum wage will be increased by 3.3 per cent which translates into a $18.29 per hour wage instead of the usual $17.70. Modern award workers will also see a similar increase.

The decision aims to help the 2.3 million workers in Australia who are dependent on the minimum wage.

What does this mean for international students?

Those affected by the change in minimum wage includes employees who are paid the national minimum wage and those covered by an award. This includes all international students who are also  entitled to the same work rights as any Australian worker.

For those who are paid minimum wage, as of July 1, your pay should be $18.29 an hour. If you are covered by a modern award, you are also entitled to a pay rise.

Not sure what a modern award is? Use the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO)’s ‘Find my award’ tool to find out. Students may also use their Pay Guide to learn how much wage they may be entitled to.

A Pay Calculator is also available for those who want to calculate exactly how much they should be paid.

Workplace exploitation can also be prevented by using the ‘Record My Hours’ app.

Those who wish to seek help can do so by contacting the FWO Infoline on 131 394 or 131 450 for an interpretation service. Alternatively, call the Study Melbourne International Students Work Rights Legal Service (Free Service) on 1800 056 449 or pop in to talk them at 599 Little Bourke St. Language support available upon request.